About Us

RPM Safety Training is a leading provider of emergency care training for the greater Chicagoland area. We offer the greatest variety of options for your training needs. Our lifeguarding programs train lifeguards to act with speed and confidence in emergency situations both in and out of the water. The program covers water rescue skills, surveillance and recognition, first aid, CPR and AED, and breathing and cardiac emergencies.



If your schedule changes, you can switch to one of our other open courses at no cost up to 48 hours before the course.


You have access to the instructors by email, phone, and text. You can ask questions ahead of time, voice your concerns and get coaching.


We work with candidates that have special learning, language or physical needs. You must pass the objectives of the course, but we can provide extra support you might need.


Our courses use a blended learning delivery method that is is ideal busy people, increasing flexibility and consistency of learning for students.




We waste no time in our courses; they are fast-paced. We know how you value your time. You will never wait for your instructors to prepare, transitions are fast, and we streamline all aspects of the course.


We have tons of training equipment. In most lifeguarding courses you spend a good portion waiting around for your turn to train on different kinds of rescue equipment. This can shorten our course by hours!


Our candidates have very high success rates in our courses. However, if you don't pass your lifeguarding course with us you have options you won't have in other courses. Because we offer so many courses, you can jump into another course for the segment(s) you need more help with and take the test again at no additional cost.


Many lifeguarding courses are taught by people who only teach one course every other year or so. Our head instructor is a national expert in lifeguarding, has worked with some of the biggest aquatic facilities in the country and has been acknowledged in textbooks. You can get accurate answers to all of your questions.


We have small instructors to student ratios. This is one of the ways we keep our quality so high. If you don't understand a skill or concept, an instructor will work with you one on one until you get it.



We keep a job board and help our students find lifeguarding jobs using our partnerships in the area.


What is Blended Learning?

It combines online learning with onsite sessions conducted by instructors.


Online learning allows students to complete lessons when and where they want, while onsite time focuses on the practice of lifesaving skills. Students arrive onsite already familiar with the skills that will be practiced there. Blended learning builds the same knowledge and skills as traditional training.



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